Earn higher interest on FD for getting vaccinated

Here is a chance to earn some extra interest income on your bank fixed deposit if you have got yourself vaccinated at a time when have been secularly moving southward.

Public sector bank

is offering 25 basis points (one bps is 0.01 %) extra over card rates for citizens who got vaccinated. Senior citizens to get an additional 25 bps.

“In order to encourage Vaccination under COVID-19 Central Bank of India as a part of its social commitment to a Healthy Society has brought out a Special Deposit Product “Immune India Deposit Scheme” for 1111 days at an attractive extra Interest rate of 25 basis points above the applicable card rate for the Citizens who got Vaccinated” said the bank in a release.

The offer is more of an initiative to encourage citizens to get themselves vaccinated. The bank had asked citizens to vaccinate themselves to protect from COVID 19 so that they can avail the attractive offer which is for a limited period.


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