SBI’s 10 tips on how to prevent ATM card fraud

Fraudsters also need to make money during the lockdown which is why we are seeing an increase in the numbers of frauds taking place across ATMs and digital banking channels. Various banks have been advising customers on ways to bank safely.

The State Bank of India (SBI), in a tweet via its official Twitter account on Tuesday, said that cases of using cloned ATM cards have been reported in Delhi and that customers will have to report all suspicious transactions at their home branch. The bank also said that “affected SBI customers are being helped and refunds will be processed as per the procedure.”

In the same tweet, SBI also gave 10 tips on safe baking at ATMs. Here is a look at SBI’s ATM Safety Mantra:

1. Change your PIN at regular interval
2. Cover ATM/POS keypad while entering PIN
3. Memorize your PIN. Avoid writing it on your ATM card or anywhere else
4. Avoid using your birthdays and anniversary date as you PIN
5. Ensure to register/update your mobile number in your account to receive SMS about debit card and other trnasactions in the account.
6. Never share your OTP, debit card PIN/details with anyone
7. Do not respond to any SMS, email or call asking you to share your ATM PIN or any other confidential data
8. Not more than one person at a ATM is allowed inside the ATM kiosk
9. Protect yourself from some stealing your PIN behind your shoulder
10. Always use YONO cash to withdraw money from ATMs. It empowers you to withdraw money using debit card. It is safe and secure.

What you should do in case of fraud?
You must lodge a complaint/report the theft immediately at the nearest SBI home branch. Do keep in mind that the bank will only refund you the money after it is established that you were indeed a victim of skimming.


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