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dy bars and restaurants. Either way, the character of your hometown helps new acquaintances gain an initial understanding of who you are.

This principle is especially true for the 50 places on this list. Each town holds the distinction of being the richest location in its state. Stacker used the most recent U.S. Census Bureau Five-Year American Community Survey data, last updated in December 2019, to pull crucial information about each town, including the unemployment rate and median household income. The places are ranked by the median household income, and ties are broken by the percentage of people annually earning more than $200,000. Any towns with a population smaller than 1,000 people were omitted. Additionally, the U.S. Census Bureau’s statistics do not show specific median incomes or earnings after $250,000, so those numbers are just designated as $250,000+.

Of course, the year 2020 proved to be wildly out of the ordinary in many ways—and earning money and fueling the economy were among the challenges. You might be wondering if COVID-19 had an impact on these high-earning communities. The truth is, while the coronavirus pandemic ravaged communities across the nation and the world, these richest towns were largely spared. That’s because the industries hardest hit by the coronavirus were airlines, leisure facilities, oil and gas, auto parts, and restaurants, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. The majority of these towns are fueled by the health care industry, education, finance, manufacturing, and real estate.

So let’s get down to the list. Just saying the names of these towns immediately conjures up images of grand mansions, luxury cars, and ritzy restaurants. Read on to see which town in your home state took the title of the richest location and which place had the highest median income in the country. Who knows—your hometown might even be on this list.

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