Waiting for Salary Day ? Get 6 months of Salary Advance NOW

“URGENT SALARY REQUIREMENT? Get 6 months of Salary Advance NOW”

You are eligible to take Salary Advance

1. If you are at least 21 years old
2. If you draw a salary of at least Rs.30,000 a month
3. If you have served at least a year in your current organization


1. Edelweiss Salary Advance
2. Get 6 Months of Your Salary as Advance
3.  A unique product designed exclusively to meet the short-term needs of salaried employees with exciting benefits
4.  Salaried employees from Proprietorship, Partnership, Private Limited and Limited Companies are eligible to apply
5.  An exceptional user experience ensured by a dedicated Relationship Manager assisting you throughout the process at your convenience
6. pay only Rs.11,500 interest per Rs.1 lac for 1 year.
7. no other charges.

All we need from you

1. Your photo-ID and address proof
2. Last six months’ bank statement
3. Last three months’ salary slips
4. Two passport size photographs

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